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Metro Manila, Philippines

15-16 August

This year, of course.

250+ Developers

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70+ Teams

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About DevCup

The most anticipated developer hackathon in Manila. An annual gathering of amazing developers, designers and technology enthusiasts, which aims to spotlight the local developer talent. An amazing opportunity to showcase your skills, learn from like-minded individuals and most of all have fun while making awesome stuff.

500+ Participants since 2012
120+ Apps created since 2012

What to expect?

A lot will be going on. So… expect to:

  • The DevCup hackathon theme will be announced during the event
  • Chance to meet and network with developers.
  • There will be various swags to give out.
  • Lots of exciting prizes!
  • A great and fun experience
  • Chug an ice-cold beer during the demo night

DevCup Highlights

Highlights from WebGeek DevCup (2012 to Present)

  • 1 st

    Bukas Palad by Nikko Bautista

  • 2 nd
    WebGeek DevCup WebGeek DevCup

    Fund3Lives by TKO

  • 3 rd
    WebGeek DevCup WebGeek DevCup WebGeek DevCup

    Sagip by TBD

  • 2 012

    Highlights, Theme, Stats, Photos, Special Award and Judges

  • 1 st
    WebGeek DevCup WebGeek DevCup

    OverDrive by SamsonMars

  • 2 nd
    WebGeek DevCup WebGeek DevCup WebGeek DevCup

    Mango.js by SBK

  • 3 rd
    WebGeek DevCup WebGeek DevCup WebGeek DevCup

    Fasci-Nation by Think Sumo

  • 2 012

    Highlights, Theme, Stats, Photos, Special Award and Judges

  • 1 st
    WebGeek DevCup WebGeek DevCup WebGeek DevCup by Langitgit

  • 2 nd
    WebGeek DevCup WebGeek DevCup WebGeek DevCup

    BizSight by Cash Loans and Good Times

  • 3 rd
    WebGeek DevCup WebGeek DevCup WebGeek DevCup

    Unearth.js by Ghost Pro

  • 2 012

    Highlights, Theme, Stats, Photos, Special Award and Judges

  • 1 st

    First Response by Cynder

  • 2 nd
    WebGeek DevCup

    Xonar by Xudoer

  • 3 rd
    WebGeek DevCup

    Connectify by CodeBuddy

  • 2 012

    Highlights, Theme, Stats, Photos, Special Award and Judges

The schedule (August 15-16, 2015)

In this hackathon, participants will be given 2 days to develop an app on the theme to be given that day. Staying overnight is not allowed (must vacate by 12MN, come back by 10AM the following day)

Our judges

Meet the 2015 DevCup panel of judges. (Note: We're still looking for some judges. Get in touch if interested!)

WebGeek DevCup 2015 Judges

William Yu

CTO at Novare Technologies

WebGeek DevCup 2015 Judges

Stephanie Sy

Partner at SVI

WebGeek DevCup 2015 Judges

Maricris Nonato

Senior ROR Developer

WebGeek DevCup 2015 Judges

John Yang-Sammataro

Partner at SVI

Hackathon Rules

The 2015 DevCup Hackathon Rules and Requirements

  • Registration & Team Size

    Only registered teams will be allowed to compete. Participants must register as a team or individual and each group can be composed of 3 members maximum via Eventbrite.

  • Procedure

    Participants will be given 2 days to develop an app prescribing to a theme, which will be given at the start of the hackathon. Due to venue regulations, staying overnight(after 12MN) is not allowed. Participants can comeback on the following day by 9AM.

  • Equipment

    Participants are responsible for their own equipment, including computers, chargers and tools needed to make their app. We suggest to bring the following: extension cord, tumblers/water bottle, pen/paper, hoodies and broadband dongle.

  • Hackathon Theme

    What is the theme for this year's DevCup? The theme will be announced at the start of the hackathon. It would be open ended and very much open for interpretation. It would be very exciting!

  • Platform and Technology Stacks

    Mobile, web or any platform app would do. You may use any programming language you prefer.

  • Build Something New

    You cannot repackage an existing app. Do not change a tiny feature on call it a new app. All code should have been written during the hackathon period(August 15 and 16)

    If your app will consume an API, it should prescribe to the following:
    - the API should be publicly available for a LEAST a month
    - if it is a private API, you should have developed it during the event.

  • Track Your Code

    We highly recommend that you use a version control system. Since code review is part of our judging procedure, the judges may request to see your source code. However, we would like to note that there will be no IP transfer, your code is your property

  • Demo & Judging

    Judging will take place in the team’s table. Several groups of judges will go around to take a look and test the entries. Each team will have a group assigned to them to judge their app. A strict time limit of 5 minutes per table will be implemented. The top apps will present on stage for all the judges to see and from there a set of winners will be determined.

  • Code Reviews

    Top finalists will have their code audited to make sure it’s all new and legit, by a developer appointed by DevCup and Judges. Your code belongs to you and we won’t share it with anyone, but we will want to see it if you win.

  • Judging Criteria

    Qualifying Criteria: Does it conform to the theme?

    Criteria Percentage
    Quality of Software Development 50%
    UI/UX 15%
    Ingenuity 20%
    Usefulness 15%
    Judges will give a score of 1 to 10 per criteria per team. 1 being unexceptional 10 exceptional. The judges’ decision is final.
  • Demo Guidelines

    - Demo starts at 5PM (Sunday)

    - Check everything before your turn, make sure everything is working correctly.

    - You only have 5 minutes for demo your app and answer questions from the judges.

    - It is up to you how will you consume your 5 minutes, either present for 3 minutes and allot the remaining for Q&A or use the entire 5 minutes for demo. There will be no time extension as there are a lot of teams presenting their app, it is important to be prudent with time.

    - Make 10 - 15 second spiel on how your app conforms to the theme. This is important because if the judges feel your app does not conform to the theme they can give you a score of (0) zero.

    - Spare the theatrics, jump straight to your app.

    - Walk through your app, clearly explain to the judges what each step does and if possible provide additional context.

    - For example if your app uses a specific API, demonstrate the consumption via a monitoring or debugging tool.

    - Anticipate the judges’ questions and try to answer them during your demo so you can save time.

    - Briefly answer the judges’ questions.

  • Intellectual Property Rights

    All teams retain full ownership of what they have created during the hackathon. DevCup is here to help developers showcase their talents.

  • How to Win?

    - Follow all guidelines mentioned.

    - Polish your demo. Make sure your entire walkthrough works.

    - Your app clearly conforms with the theme.

    - Manage your time, make sure to only start what you can finish.

    - Impress the judges with your demo. Remember no slides.


If you have any more questions feel free to send us an email.

  • Who can participate?

    Anyone, As long as you can develop an app you can participate. Just settle the registration fee and you’re good to go.

  • How to Get to the Venue?

    Alight at MRT Ortigas Station
    Walk to Robinsons Galleria jeepney terminal
    In front of Eton Cyberpod, ride a jeepney
    Alight at Meralco, beside Rockwell Business Center
    Enter Meralco Gate 2
    Walk straight ahead
    Right left at the end
    Enter the 2nd building to your right.

    Pro tip: If you’re commuting, better to ride a cab so you don't have to leave your ID at the guard station.

  • What is the theme for this year's DevCup?

    DevCup 2015 - To keep everyone excited, we will release the hackathon theme just before the event starts.
    DevCup 2014 - " Insight "
    DevCup 2013 - " Development "
    DevCup 2012 - " Solve a Filipino Problem "

  • What will be provided by the organizers during the event?

    Power outlets, food/drinks, tables/chairs, internet access. Each table would have 2 power sockets. External monitors, chargers, etc will not be provided.

  • What should I bring for the event?

    To Bring: Laptop and Chargers, Tools that you need to develop your app, Extension Cord (we would be providing 2 power sockets per table). Optional: Tumblers/Drinkwares, Extra Snacks, Pen and Paper, Hoodies/Jacket, Headphones, Pocket Wifi/broadband dongle etc

    Note: If you are bringing your own internet connectivity device, we highly recommend that you bring a broadband dongle instead of a pocket wifi. We have been consistently getting issues from our previous hackathons on pocket wifi's interfering with the venue's wifi signal.

  • What should I wear?

    It's highly recommended that you wear comfortable clothing. Shorts and slippers will be allowed. Don't forget to bring a jacket.

  • Can I just be a spectator?

    Unfortunately, spectators won’t be allowed. Why be a spectator when it’s more fun to participate?

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  • Free parking is offered by the venue
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